The development of Metal Injection Molding of Titanium technology that is applied at Element 22 reaches as far back as the late 1980’s, when the renowned Fraunhofer IFAM Institute in Bremen, Germany cooperated with the HZG Helmholtz Institute in Geesthacht, Germany to research the opportunities in using Titanium powder in production processes. This first attempt at Ti MIM has been the nucleus from where Element 22 and its predecessor have „hatched“.

Motivated by the results of the research institutes, a complete production line for Titanium MIM components was installed in 2004 by the predecessor of Element 22. The focus was the development and production of Ti MIM components strictly for the medical industry, which created a strong knowledge base. In September 2011 Element 22 took over the employees and equipment with a clear strategy and vision on how to successfully grow the business.  Today, we are still in close research cooperation with these well-known institutions.

The in depth experience created a broad knowledge and understanding on the influences of different processing techniques, chemical compositions, equipment and its settings, injection molding tool designs and other factores on the properties of the finished components. This knowledge plus modern computer simulation programs allow us to manufacture Ti MIM components with outstanding product quality and repeatability.