Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an innovative Powder based manufacturing technology. MIM allows the manufacturing of Net Shape components, meaning the reduction of material loss, required energy requirements and therefore reduction of CO2 output. Furthermore, MIM allows manufacturing complex geometries that can only be manufactured with great difficulty when applying traditional methods, resulting in cost advantages for our customers.

The Net Shape ability creates the biggest cost savings. With conventionally machined parts a large amount of the material has to be scrapped. We eliminate this loss thus realize significant cost advantages.  The Ti MIM process produces a high volume of parts at a consistent quality. Unlike in traditional machining processes, we and our customers profit from clear economies of scale.

Traditional manufacturing methods of Titanium are limiting the complexity and level of detail a product can have. Often, several parts have to be created and assembled to achieve the desired design, creating process complexities and increasing cost. Element 22 has the ability to overcome this downside for many products. Our Ti MIM process can often realize our customer’s complex 3D designs in single pieces, including holes, pins, threads and many other shapes difficult to produce otherwise.