Product properties

Element22’s unique and patented sinter based processes lead to outstanding material strength and excellent fatigue properties.

Element22’s equipment and processes are tailored for manufacturing Powder Metallurgy (PM) products of Pure Titanium and its alloys. 

We have many years of in depth experience manufacturing Ti PM products for the medical, aerospace and luxury goods industry sectors. Our excellent staff includes engineers, material scientists, physicists and chemists all focused on developing the best additive manufacturing technologies available for Titanium.

The products at Element22 are manufactured according to our customers and industry specifications. Different industry sectors have different expectations in regards to visual appearance, mechanical properties or chemical composition.We have different processingoptions to solve every any requirement.

The fatigue life of our Ti PM products is comparable to wrought Ti product. 

There are several Titanium alloys available to choose from.


SBS-Selective Bead Sintering

We developed and patented a process that we call “Selective Bead Sintering” (SBS), which is based on using fine (smaller 25µm) micron Ti powder and sintering at a relatively low temperature. The SBS process delivers a material with high strength, excellent elongation, low porosity and highly improved surface finish.

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