Find out general design rules for a good MIM part design.

The design and function is created by our customers. Element22 can assist with optimizing design features for Titanium Powder Metallurgy (PM) manufacturing technologies like MIM. We can send you a general design guide that help you integrating the rules when designing the part. In addition, we can assist with Design for Manufacturing (DFM).

These general rules for a good MIM design apply:

  • Wall thickness from 0.1mm to 8mm
  • Part weight from 0.01 to 200 gram
  • Incorporate smooth wall transitions
  • Avoid sharp edges
  • Incorporate draft angles of 1-5° wherever possible
  • Avoid large overhangs 
  • Create a flat area for sintering, if possible
  • Tolerance field thumb rule +/-0.4% of nominal dimension
  • Surface roughness as sintered minimum Ra 1µm
  • Don´t use asymmetric tolerancing
  • Avoid material accumulation
  • Incorporate ribs and support features for areas with low stability or wall thickness

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